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An example of how TestLess’ TestDetectors work

In this post, I’ll illustrate the workflow that you can use to extend TestLess so it can analyze any test suite. I will use a real example from a real customer to show you how easy it is to extend TestLess.     The Problem Recently, I received the following question from a customer:   I’d […]

Mutator and TestLess are improving the quality of software you use!

In this post we take a quick look back at the success stories for Mutator and TestLess that you might not know about:   Bloom Filters Bloom filters are everywhere nowadays, and having seen the quality improvements that Mutator started, it is no wonder that the authors of one popular implementation decided to continue on that road.   Best of Breed Mutator […]

Triangulation yields highly-redundant tests

Caution when using TDD’s Triangluation technique

If you are a TDD (Test-Driven Development) practitioner, you will most likely find the triangulation technique (a.k.a specific/generic cycle) incredibly useful for driving the design of your software. In short, triangulation is a technique that uses tests as a guide to help your software implementation emerge, little by little, from requirements. I like to think of triangulation […]

How well is it tested: Puppet (part 2 of 2)

In the last post, I showed analysis results of Puppet’s test duplication along with other interesting findings. The relationships discovered seem to suggest that test duplication is not due to chance alone, and that there is a complex relationship in terms of amount of tests in the suites that is not entirely linear. The results in the post also […]

Test duplication vs mutation score (log-scaled and reversed)