Change o’ plans

I’m sure you’ve noticed the new landing page. So, before continuing on with the series of posts about test equivalence, I’d like to make an exciting announcement.

But first, some context.

Any new technology business will change its course of action frequently as risks and opportunities become clearer. As a brand-new business in the tech sector, Ortask has just gone through this transformation as well, and the new landing page is a representation of that.

So today, I’m very excited to announce that Ortask is no longer on route to being simply a plugin to other, existing TMTs.

Instead, Ortask will now be a complete Test Management Tool in its own right. Why? Hopefully you’ve been keeping track of all the progress that has happened with the inference, scheduling, and comparison engines. If these don’t ring any bells, stop reading right now and go watch the videos. Then come back and keep reading.

These engines represent tremendous advances for managing the testing process as well as functionality that no existing TMT has. As such, it just felt wrong to relegate Ortask to a mere plugin when, in reality, it would be doing all the heavy lifting by itself.

Additionally, all existing TMTs are implemented under the old-fashioned approach of DB+reports bundled as a “test management tool.” Ortask, on the other hand, is truly a tool for managing tests and the testing process. As such, Ortask represents the new, the young, the next generation of TMTs.

Excited yet? Good! Stay tuned!

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