Meet the Team

Say Hello to the folks at Ortask!


Mario Gonzalez Macedo

Founder and Chief Engineer

I am passionate about the science/craft/art of testing software to help develop systems that excel, so I formed Ortask. At Ortask, I develop tools that help developers and testers deliver excellent code. I also do research about different aspects of software testing, and evangelize testing techniques that have shown to yield high-quality results.

I’m also currently writing a book about a unified theory of testing and all its useful details. The book will hopefully be finished some time before I die.



Lexi Ronald

Motivation and Assurance

In constant pursuit of knowledge in life and business, Lexi enjoys solving puzzles and problems… especially edible ones.






Designer 3000

Front-End and Web Designer

Designer 3000 is Ortask’s visual designer and the resident CSS expert. When he’s not playing with Photoshop, he is serenading us at lunch on guitar, playing drums, or representin’ on the b-ball court.