Mutator now supports multiple source files!

You asked, we listened!

We heard you loud and clear and we are thrilled to introduce multi-source support for Mutator!

Previously, Mutator only allowed one source file per test suite using the assumption that each test suite had one and only one source (a.k.a. system under test, or SUT). This original design choice was deliberately made partly to encourage users of Mutator to develop test suites that conformed to good software engineering practices, such as the generalized Single Responsibility Principle and KISS.

Acknowledging that the world is not ideal, and taking all your kind feedback into consideration, Mutator is now enhanced to allow for multiple sources as a single SUT!

This exciting new feature gives you two new options, both of which simulate real-world software phenomena to test your tests:

  • you can spread the mutations throughout your SUT, or
  • you can cluster them in a single area of your SUT.

Spreading mutations can simulate faults introduced by different developers at different times. On the other hand, clustering mutations simulates the well-known phenomenon that faults sometimes tend to be clustered.

Happy mutation testing with Mutator and keep that great feedback coming!