Our Company

Who we are we

We are a small software testing/research/consultancy shop located in sunny Tucson, Arizona, USA. Our focus is primarily on researching and implementing novel tools and techniques that yield high value for testing software. We also develop training material to help make software testers more productive and efficient. Additionally, we offer software testing services a la uTest.


Why you can trust us

We are different than the average consulting/training/testing agency in several major ways:

  1. We are innovative. Rather than teaching courses that are several years old like many consultants do, we keep investigating and findings new ways to test software. Hence, we are up to date with trends and techniques, which means we always have new material that might solve your current testing problem.
  2. We are small. Due to our small size, we can focus entirely on your problem/team/SUT* with personalized attention. This is in contrast to many crowd-sourcing and consulting agencies around the world, whose modus operandi is “get in, get out” and paycheck is king.
  3. We know the right tool/technique for the job. While many consultants lose touch with new techniques and academics have only a vague idea about the reality of our industry, we at Ortask successfully bridge both worlds. Our footing and relationships with people working in the industry, as well as with academic researchers around the globe, allows us to teach tried-and-true and cutting-edge techniques.
  4. We do not follow, we lead. While everyone else follows the herd, Ortask is the only known company whose founder has openly and successfully questioned old-fashioned ideas from several well-known consultants.


So take the next step and connect with us. We know you’ll be impressed.



*SUT: System Under Test.