Our Mission

There is enormous complexity in the process of software testing. From communication to collaboration, from test design to test management, from techniques to reporting, it all adds up to make an extremely difficult process to navigate.

Yet, you’re driven to achieve the highest quality results in the (short) amount of time you have – from discovering high-risk bugs, to having a clear visibility into the current health of your System Under Test for the long-awaited Ship It!, to communicating effectively with the right people, at the right time. Then you do it all over again in another project because you’re passionate about delivering amazing software to the world.

Ortask’s mission is to help testers and developers like you thrive. We’ve re-imagined the way software testing is done through research, practice, tools and techniques.

For example:

  • Mutator helps your unit tests catch concurrency bugs and more, early in the development process so you can deploy your application confidently
  • TestLess helps you manage your tests more in-depth than ever before by finding redundant and empty tests.


Or, if you’re ready to learn new techniques in real-time — or simply need a hand with testing — you can contact us for skills that will help you become a guru in the craft of testing.

So fuel your passion and take the next step in software testing!

Mario Gonzalez Macedo
Ortask Founder and Chief Engineer