TestLess 1.8.2 has been released!

16 January 2018: TestLess 1.8.2 containing a bug fix and a few other minor improvements, has been released! You can purchase TestLess, or download a trial version now!



TestLess 1.8 has been released!

14 July 2016: TestLess 1.8 now supports nested contexts, a feature utilized by almost all BDD-style testing! Check out the related post and try TestLess now!



Mutator 1.14 has been released!

16 June 2016Mutator 1.14 now supports multiple source files for more flexible mutation testing! Check out the related post and try Mutator now!



Mutator + PHP = World-quality PHP projects!

15 September 2015Mutator now supports PHP! Try Mutator now!



Mutator 1.9 has been released!

1 June 2015Mutator 1.9 is now available with more features to help you improve the quality of your test suites! Try Mutator now!



TestLess 1.7 is here!

1 June 2015: With more robust processing of automated test suites, TestLess is waiting for you. Find redundancy in your tests with TestLess now!



TestLess 1.6 is now available!

12 May 2015: TestLess has several improvements that make it blazingly fast when analyzing super complex test suites! Start analyzing your tests with TestLess now!



TestLess has been released!

12 March 2015: TestLess, a revolutionary test case comparison tool, was released. It not only supports Ruby, Java and Python, it is also extensible to any language! Start analyzing your tests with TestLess now!



Mutator 1.8 for JavaScript was released!

11 August 2014: Mutator 1.8 now includes support for JavaScript. So what are you waiting for? Start creating best-in-class JS web apps and projects with Mutator 1.8 now!



Mutator 1.7 is proven to be the world’s leading mutation analyzer!

11 July 2014: The facts are in: this gist posted by Dr. Louis Rose from the University of York shows Mutator outperforming the competition. Mutator is the only one that can detect serious blind spots in your tests!



Mutator 1.7 has been released!

9 July 2014Mutator 1.7 is now available with many features for concurrent projects and more! Help your tests detect concurrency problems in your applications by trying Mutator now!



Mutator 1.6 is here!

20 May 2014: Mutator 1.6 is now available with many innovations! If you want to improve your unit tests, go on and try it now!



Watch Ortask’s founder present at Mountain West Ruby Conf!

23 April 2014: Watch the presentation that started all the interest to increase the quality of tests with mutation analysis! Check it out now!



Mountain West Ruby Conf was a complete success!

27 March 2014: See the excellent reactions to Mario Gonzalez Macedo’s presentation at Mountain West Ruby Conf this year! Check it out now!



Ortask’s founder will present at Mountain West Ruby Conf!

16 January 2014: Ortask’s very own Mario Gonzalez Macedo will be presenting at Mountain West Ruby Conf this year! The topic? Re-thinking Regression Testing. Check it out now!



An Ortask TestByte was featured in EuroSTAR!

13 December 2013: What is mutation testing all about? EuroSTAR has the video. Check it out now!



TestLess Beta Has Launched!

2 December 2013: TestLess, a revolutionary test management tool, has gone Beta! Check it out now!



EuroSTAR features Ortask, again!

19 September 2013: We’re delighted to have EuroSTAR feature another one of our videos, The Mouse Pattern and Reachability GraphsCheck it out now!



Featured on EuroSTAR blog

19 August 2013: Our video, Debugging with Structured Exploratory Testing was featured on EuroSTAR’s blog. EuroSTAR is Europe’s leading Software Testing hub for several years now. Interested in the video? Check it out now!