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Mutator and TestLess are improving the quality of software you use!

In this post we take a quick look back at the success stories for Mutator and TestLess that you might not know about:   Bloom Filters Bloom filters are everywhere nowadays, and having seen the quality improvements that Mutator started, it is no wonder that the authors of one popular implementation decided to continue on that road.   Best of Breed Mutator […]

Mutator now supports PHP!

Create world-class PHP apps with Mutator Working on a PHP project? Then this is what you were waiting for! With Mutator, you can finally rate and improve the quality of your PHP projects reliably!     Mutator uses mutation analysis — an extremely reliable technique that is more robust than code coverage — to find and improve the quality of your tests. Check out […]

TestLess Case Studies: Find duplicate tests

Case Study 2: Find duplicate tests While manually inspecting one of the many test suites for the Rails code base, Yves Senn found a duplicate test within a total of 118 tests. The duplicate tests are highlighted in the image below.     Wouldn’t it be great to have an algorithm that could see what the human eye sees, and […]

Duplicate tests in a Rails test suite

TestLess showing empty tests after analysis

TestLess Case Studies: Find empty tests

Case Study 1: Find empty tests Ruby is a hugely popular programming language. With so much activity going on with its implementation, we should expect it to have a ton of tests, some of which might need work. But committing empty tests? Yep!     The image above is from the suite test_httpheader.rb. In only 4 seconds, TestLess processed all the tests in the suite […]

Why Being a Tester is Seen as a Step Down

I empathize with Ash Winter after reading his blog post. Being both a tester and developer myself, I have the opportunity to interact with both “worlds.” Which is why I also empathize with the developer that said it. So why do so many developers see the art, science and craft of software testing as worthy of the […]

JS, welcome to the party!

JavaScript: welcome to the party!

Say hello to Mutator 1.8 for JavaScript Mutator has already been helping developers like you create world-class Java and Ruby software. The new Mutator 1.8 now brings JavaScript into the party… and it is the first to do so!     With JavaScript gaining momentum as the de facto programming language for web apps, mutation analysis is needed now more […]