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TestLess Case Studies: Find repeated test names

Case Study 3: Find repeated test names JRuby is a high-performance, fully-threaded Java implementation of the Ruby programming language. To test and stabilize JRuby, the core team employs several distinct test suites from different sources such as MRI tests, the JRuby team’s own internal tests, rubspec, rubicon, and others. This means that there are probably between 1 to 1.5 […]

The empty test in the JRuby suite

Duplicate tests in a Rails test suite

TestLess Case Studies: Find duplicate tests

Case Study 2: Find duplicate tests While manually inspecting one of the many test suites for the Rails code base, Yves Senn found a duplicate test within a total of 118 tests. The duplicate tests are highlighted in the image below.     Wouldn’t it be great to have an algorithm that could see what the human eye sees, and […]

TestLess Case Studies: Find empty tests

Case Study 1: Find empty tests Ruby is a hugely popular programming language. With so much activity going on with its implementation, we should expect it to have a ton of tests, some of which might need work. But committing empty tests? Yep!     The image above is from the suite test_httpheader.rb. In only 4 seconds, TestLess processed all the tests in the suite […]

TestLess showing empty tests after analysis