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Want to be a testing guru? Use reachability graphs (Part 2) 1

A fairly long time ago, I introduced reachability graphs and showed you how to start using them to debug applications. After all, debugging is a form of testing. In this post, I’ll continue exploring reachability graphs for the purposes of exploratory testing. To illustrate their useful power, I will use reachability graphs to test some aspects of an […]

Reachability graphs make irrelevant states clear

An example of how TestLess’ TestDetectors work

In this post, I’ll illustrate the workflow that you can use to extend TestLess so it can analyze any test suite. I will use a real example from a real customer to show you how easy it is to extend TestLess.     The Problem Recently, I received the following question from a customer:   I’d […]

How to dramatically improve your debugging and testing skills

I’m often surprised by how many people view software development as a separate “career path” of software engineering that is detached from software testing. Indeed, most testers I know hold the same view but in reverse: that software testing is completely detached from development. Both views assume that skills from one practice are mostly useless in the other. This dichotomy might […]

New Mutation Analysis Tutorials

Mutation Analysis is super easy with Mutator! Now that Mutator has been released, there has been a lot of awesome engagement from the Ruby and Java development community regarding its usage. With that engagement, there have been two important realizations: Developers get intimidated by mutation analysis. Developers are wondering: “Where do I start with Mutator?” […]