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An example of how TestLess’ TestDetectors work

In this post, I’ll illustrate the workflow that you can use to extend TestLess so it can analyze any test suite. I will use a real example from a real customer to show you how easy it is to extend TestLess.     The Problem Recently, I received the following question from a customer:   I’d […]

Test duplication vs mutation score (log-scaled and reversed)

How well is it tested: Puppet (part 2 of 2)

In the last post, I showed analysis results of Puppet’s test duplication along with other interesting findings. The relationships discovered seem to suggest that test duplication is not due to chance alone, and that there is a complex relationship in terms of amount of tests in the suites that is not entirely linear. The results in the post also […]

How well is it tested: Puppet (part 1 of 2)

Puppet is a “Server automation framework and application” that it utilized by people worldwide and even Fortune 100 companies (according to Puppet’s website) to manage part of their devops work. It is also one of the key projects that “powers Github.” Puppet is written in Ruby and unit-tested using the BDD framework Rspec. Given Puppet’s popularity and utility, […]

TestLess now supports nested contexts!

BDD-style testers: Rejoice! One of the super helpful aspects of BDD test frameworks is their utilization of nested contexts. Nested contexts not only allow test writers to group different tests, but also allow you to delineate their state into different sets in order to separate permutations of their SUT’s (system under test) behavior into logical groups. This separation and […]

TestLess Case Studies: Find repeated test names

Case Study 3: Find repeated test names JRuby is a high-performance, fully-threaded Java implementation of the Ruby programming language. To test and stabilize JRuby, the core team employs several distinct test suites from different sources such as MRI tests, the JRuby team’s own internal tests, rubspec, rubicon, and others. This means that there are probably between 1 to 1.5 […]

The empty test in the JRuby suite

Duplicate tests in a Rails test suite

TestLess Case Studies: Find duplicate tests

Case Study 2: Find duplicate tests While manually inspecting one of the many test suites for the Rails code base, Yves Senn found a duplicate test within a total of 118 tests. The duplicate tests are highlighted in the image below.     Wouldn’t it be great to have an algorithm that could see what the human eye sees, and […]

A better way to hire developers and testers

The typical (inconsistent) hiring process During my professional career, I have had the chance to interview with many companies big and small, distributed all over the map. Some have been international and well-known, while others have been small or even startups. During all those interviews, the company culture has been palpable and has come across […]