TestLess now supports nested contexts!

BDD-style testers: Rejoice!

One of the super helpful aspects of BDD test frameworks is their utilization of nested contexts.

Nested contexts not only allow test writers to group different tests, but also allow you to delineate their state into different sets in order to separate permutations of their SUT’s (system under test) behavior into logical groups. This separation and grouping helps keep your tests organized, therefore improving their readability and maintainability.

This great presentation explains how nested contexts work for Rspec (a Ruby BDD test framework), but the idea is the same for other BDD test frameworks intended for other languages, such as JavaScript.

Well, thanks to your kind requests, TestLess has now been enhanced to support nested contexts!

It is therefore very exciting that TestLess’ nested context support allows for a more flexible and thorough redundancy analysis while keeping all the benefits of BDD-style testing.

So go ahead and get the new version of TestLess to start managing your test duplication right away!