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Your Tests Might Be Helping Bugs Get In

Did you know that redundant tests are linked to more bugs in software than poor code coverage?
Test redundancy is a smell — an indication of poor test quality.

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Find Under-tested and Untested Code

Test redundancy is also a sign of over-focused testing on certain areas of your application.
This means that other areas of your code might be under-tested or even completely untested.

Your Tests might be harming the quality of your software

Based on research with open-source projects.


Test More with TestLess

By finding redundant tests while keeping code coverage and mutation score high, TestLess helps you improve the quality of your tests.
Fast, scalable and inline with your process, TestLess stays out of your way with an intuitive GUI and CLI.

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TestLess is based on science

Ortask does novel research to improve software engineering. TestLess is a direct result of that.
Let TestLess help you improve the quality of your tests!



TestLess Just Works Out Of The Box

No installation, configuation or messy setup. TestLess is ready to analyze your tests.
TestLess supports Ruby, Java, Python and is extensible for any programming language and test-style!

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