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  • Users (up to)
  • Extensible for your
    favorite language
  • CI ready
  • Intuitive GUI
  • Enabled for Ruby 1
  • Enabled for Java 2
  • Enabled for Python 3
Performance &
  • Scalable to test suites
    with higher complexity 4
  • Supported on Windows
  • Supported on Linux
  • Supported on Mac OS
  • Maintenance Releases
    & Scheduled Fixes
  • Emergency Patches
  • Training 5
  • Email Support
  • Phone Support
  • Availability (up to) 6
  • Commercial License 7
  • Hosting/SaaS License 8


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Free Trial!


Free Trial!

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Prices above are quoted in US dollars without VAT

1 test/unit

2 JUnit v3 or v4

3 PyUnit

4 Test suites with complexity higher than 1000. Calculated as (total tests * avg test size).

5 Training to get the most out of TestLess and redundancy analysis is available separately. Contact us!

6 Mountain Time Zone (UTC-07:00).

7 For organizations that cannot use AGPL software.

8 For organizations interested in including the software within their own services.