Top 5 Testing Predictions for 2015

1. Testing of machine learning algorithms will become critical as ML becomes the driving technology behind data analytics.


2. Testing of digital wearables will grow as mobile and wearable technology solidly enters the market.


3. Testing will become ever more critical as “smart” devices become more interconnected and even drive the home.


4. There will be a breakthrough with respect to the Oracle Problem that will help achieve more accurate software testing.


5. Automatic comparison of automated tests written in any language will become possible, thus allowing us to finally detect duplicate and redundant tests.



Notable Predictions From 2014 That Came True


  1. Exploratory testing was found to be as effective as scripted testing.
  2. CDT was shown to be a hoax.
  3. More women were engaged in software testing.
  4. Testing of cloud services got renewed focus.
  5. Google robotics showed a need for software and hardware testing.
  6. Google also focused on quantum computing.
  7. Ortask got closer in the effort to predict the amount of bugs in software with redundancy analysis and mutation testing.



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